Well this is our first blog so we hope you enjoy the new addition to the Nimrod Social Media platform. We are so thankful for all the support and kind comments we have received. We want to tell you we are going to continue to do what we do and hope you like it enough to spread the word to all your friend and hunting buddies about Nimrod Outdoors and help it grow into something truly special.

Jeff Barlow

So to introduce us. My name is Jeff Barlow and “I am Nimrod” I started Nimrod Outdoors a couple years ago to have something to do with my teenage sons. Of course all teenagers are into Social Media so that is where I took Nimrod Outdoors (Plus the fact that my wife got sick of seeing all my hunting stuff on my social media and told me to do something else with it, LOL) I completely and totally love the outdoors, in anyway shape or form. Just being able to be out and enjoying nature is a great blessing in my life, and now to be able to share my adventures with my children is even better.
I decided to start filming our hunts and outdoor adventures and sharing them with anyone that wanted to see what we were doing, mostly so family could keep up with our activities. Today it has become much much more and we love what we are doing.

We are just everyday ordinary guys (Average Joes) that love to hunt and fish and be in the outdoors. We don’t have all the time and money to travel and hunt around the world (Yet) and we don’t have all the latest and greatest equipment. We hunt general season hunts (Sometimes we get lucky and draw a Limited Entry tag) and hunt public ground. Our camera equipment is anything but professional. Most of our photos and videos are shot by cell phone, gopro or a 10 year old hand held video camera we have. We are not professional photographers or videoagraphers, in fact my 11 year old son sometimes runs the camera (and that is hard to watch at times, way shaky, LOL)

Over the last couple years we have added to our team which started as me and my 2 oldest sons Joshua and Jacob. Now we have a total of 10 of us. Team members include Joshua Barlow, Jacob Barlow, Joseph Barlow, Jace Barlow, Denny and Ethan Mangum (Brothers), Paul Neese, Garett Criddle and Terron Hunt. All of us (Except for my sons) are fathers that love the outdoors and want to help the next generation love and respect them just as much as we do. Our goal is to get everyone we can introduced to the outdoors way of life and we have a definite focus on the youth and younger generation.

Once again I hope you like the new blog and we will try to have good content her for you to enjoy.
We also have Social Media of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and our very own YouTube channel where we share our outdoor experiences at least once a week. Follow us, Subscribe and feel free to comment and let us know anything you would like us to cover, from how to topics to product reviews. We will try to have a wide variety of thing to keep you interested in coming back to our blog.

Come back often and Be A Nimrod.

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