Camp Nimrod

We are SUPER excited to announce our upcoming plans for this year!!!!

I am part of the “Dedicated Hunter” program here in Utah which means I can hunt all 3 seasons for Mule Deer.

I  have heard of a lot of kids (some 1st year hunters) not drawing a tag.  Yes, there are a lot of other hunts that kids can apply for and go on over the counter, this is true, but there is something special about hunting mule deer your first year of hunting.

So I am going to hunt with my boys during the Archery and Muzzy season. If I have not harvested a deer (and I most likely I wont because I have my sons that I will focus on getting their deer first) by the Rifle hunt I am going to use my tag to mentor a young hunter. Utah has a great “Mentor” program in which an adult with a tag can have a youth hunt with them and harvest an animal through their tag.

We are going to call this “Camp Nimrod”. We will bring a young hunter (and his/her family) to camp with us and have a good time. We will have a big dinner and tell some campfire stories. Then Opening Day the youth will go out with me and hunt off my tag.

We are super excited about this and are looking for people who want to be a part of this awesome adventure. If you know anyone that would like to help “Mentor” a youth off their tag, so we can get more kids involved, or a youth that didn't draw a tag that would like to be part of this, pleas contact me.

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  1. Tell us why you want to be part of "Camp Nimrod"?
  2. Do you have a parent or family member that could hunt with us?
  3. Do you have your own rifle to use?
  4. Are you available for an October rifle hunt if selected?  (Dates are Oct. 18th - 26th)
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