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Posts by Jeff Barlow

Snap Shot Rifle Scope Cover Review

Snap Shot Rifle Scope Cover By Horn Hunter Here is a link to an article I wrote a while back. It is a review of the “Snap Shot Rifle Cover” by Horn Hunter. Give it a read and let us know what you think of our review. Click on the Picture below to read the…

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Big Tom for Little Joe

Big Tom for Little Joe By Jeff Barlow (Nimrod Outdoors)   While the doldrums of winter raged on, one day was made much brighter by my son Joseph. He came to me one day and said “Dad, let’s put in for a Turkey Tag”. We had never hunted turkeys before so….. Why not!!! It was…

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With Sacrifice Comes Rewards

It was still dark on opening morning of the 2017 General Rifle Deer hunt here in Utah. As I set there with my sons in the quiet of the pre-dawn morning, before the mayhem began as is custom on the Utah General Rifle hunt, I was excited for what this day would bring. We had…

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Welcome to Nimrod Outdoors

Well this is our first blog so we hope you enjoy the new addition to the Nimrod Social Media platform. We are so thankful for all the support and kind comments we have received. We want to tell you we are going to continue to do what we do and hope you like it enough…

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Trophy Hunter to Trophy Teacher

Jeff Barlow

Trophy Hunter to Trophy Teacher I love to Hunt and have done from a very young age. It is one of my greatest passions, to be out in nature testing my skills and knowledge against the skills and knowledge of my pray. There is something very rewarding about the experience, even when you don’t come…

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Battle with the Bull

The spring of 2015 was upon us and we were putting in for the hunts. We were not expecting anything because no one in the family had any points to draw with. Our oldest son Joshua then 16 had only been able to put in for LE hunts for 2 years here in Utah, so…

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