About Us

"Nimrod Outdoors was the vision of Jeff Barlow. He was looking for something to do with his sons to keep them active and involved in the great outdoors. He started filming all their outdoor activities and posting them on his/his wife joint social media page. Eventually his wife told him he would have to do something different because all she ever saw on “her” social media feed was his hunting stuff. LOL!

   Jeff had read in the bible a few days earlier about "Nimrod" and the fact that he was called a "Powerful Man on Earth, and a Mighty Hunter." That is where the name came from and thus Nimrod Outdoors was created.

   Jeff and his sons have enjoyed filming and taking pictures of their adventures and have done so for a few years. Since that time they have added other members to the team. These additional outdoors men have joined Team Nimrod and brought their own adventures and a new energy to Nimrod Outdoors.

   Our goal at Nimrod Outdoors is to introduce people to the outdoors. We focus on the youth but will take anyone that wants to go with us on our adventures. We want them to gain a knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the outdoors they have not had before. They are the future of our outdoor heritage."

Jeff's Moose

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